History Krewe

Invite the Tampa Bay History Center to speak about famous Tampa personalities, places and dates. We can also host programs and activities that are customized for your specific event or location. We have several different options for you to consider, please review the information below and let us know what works best for you.

  • The History Center is happy to arrange for a History Center representative to speak for up to an hour to groups of 10 or more in the Tampa Bay area. If your group is smaller than 10 people let us know – we still have a lot of helpful resources we can send you!
  • We ask for at least two weeks’ notice to secure a speaker for your group. We love to talk to everyone in the community, but our staff is a busy group of people! We’re not always available to do outreach speaking, so please give us as much notice as possible.
  • History Center speakers are generally available Monday – Friday, 9am to 6pm. We do our very best to staff weekend and evening speaking engagements, but we can’t guarantee that we will be able to fulfill every request. (And as always, the more notice you can give us the better chance we have of securing a speaker for you.)
  • The History Center encourages a donation of $50 for speaking engagements, but we welcome donations at any level. Contributions from the community allow us to continue our outreach programs, and we appreciate your support. We’re also happy to apply your donation to a future group visit or bulk tickets – just ask for more details when we book your speaker.

Speaking Engagement Information

Address of Talk Location

Desired Topic

Limited availability for Costumed Interpreter. Spanish-American, Seminole, and Civil War eras only. If you chose “Historical Era/Topic” above please tell us your desired topic below.

History-to-Go Kits

Bring some hands-on history into your classroom! Our History-to-Go kits offer engaging, primary source-based activities that will help your students improve their historical thinking skills. Filled with cultural artifacts, historic photographs and other learning materials, History-to-Go kits are designed to supplement the study of various Florida history topics.

Our History-to-Go kits were developed by a team of educators and designed to help teachers meet Florida education standards across the curriculum. Each kit contains background information, object descriptions, and lesson plans for multiple grade levels and learning styles. Kits also contain an array of supplemental books, audio-visual materials, maps, timelines, posters, and other useful classroom tools.

Florida’s First People
Discover who Florida’s early inhabitants were, how they lived, and why they disappeared.


Download the Teachers Guide:

PRIMARY (Grades 3-5) or 
SECONDARY(Grades 6-12)

Florida's Seminoles
Explore the rich history and culture of Florida’s Seminole and Miccosukee Indians.

Download the Teachers Guide:

 PRIMARY (Grades 3-5)

Cigar City
Examine the story of immigration and industrialization in Ybor City and West Tampa.

Download a Teachers Guide:

 PRIMARY (Grades 3-5)

Rental Information

Reserving a Kit

Reservation requests must be made at least three weeks in advance. Due to limited availability, we recommend that you submit your request early. Click on the blue “Reserve a Kit” button to submit your request.

Cost & Payment

Cost is $25 for a two-week rental, and must be paid when you pick up your History-to-Go kit. We accept cash, credit cards and checks (payable to the Tampa Bay History Center).

A major credit card is also required, and must be presented when you pick up your kit. In the event that items are missing or damaged, your credit card will be charged a replacement fee of up to $250.

Pick Up & Return

History-to-Go kits can be picked up at the Visitor Services desk, Monday-Friday between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m. Weekend pick-up/drop-off arrangements may also be made. Before returning your History-to-Go kit, please check that all materials are included and carefully packed.

You are responsible for any lost or damaged items. Kits should be returned to the History Center by 5 p.m. on the due date indicated in your confirmation form. There is a late return fee of $10 per day.

Changes & Cancellations

If you are unable to pick up or return your History-to-Go kit on the scheduled date, or if you decide to cancel your reservation, please call the Education Dept. immediately at 813-675-8981.

Cancellations should be made at least one week before the scheduled pick-up date. This is essential, as we often have a waiting list of teachers anxious to use the kits.

To reserve a kit please contact:


801 Old Water Street, Tampa, FL 33602