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American Flags: The Stars & Stripes in American History & Culture, Presented by Bank of America

Now Through July 2018

The American flag’s history includes iconic moments of revolution, union, war, protest and patriotism. Indeed, for generations prior to 1960, the United States flag was an ever-evolving symbol that reflected the growth of the nation.

Based on one of the preeminent collections of American flags in the world, “The Stars and Stripes in American History and Culture” features textiles, artwork and memorabilia exploring the history and context of the American flag.

The exhibit features original flags dating to the 1790s, a 27-star flag marking Florida’s admission into the Union, as well as original photography and artwork, including Andy Warhol’s iconic print “Moonwalk.”

American Flags features more than 20 original flags, including an 1876 Grand Union Flag, a “Know Nothing” flag from 1849, and a 14-star flag from 1791.

Works from American pop artists Andy Warhol and Jasper Johns are also included. Johns’ Flag (1954) and Warhol’s Moonwalk (1987) illustrate the American Flags place in popular culture, while photography from the 1960s and September 11, 2001 illustrate the symbolic power of the Stars and Stripes.

Touchton Map Collections: Recent Acquisitions 

Now Through May 13, 2018

The Touchton Map Library contains thousands of maps, atlases, charts and other cartographic materials.  Tom Touchton continues to add to the collection, and in 2017 he purchased over 100 hundred items from a variety of sources.  This exhibit features about one quarter of those acquisitions, but they reflect the broad nature of the larger map collection.

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